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Welcome to Youth Ministry FGAKL!

It is an honour to have you here at home with us.


We are a family of vibrant and dynamic young people who are passionate about God and are excited to share His love to all youths, using our God-given talents. Passionate in doing life together, we believe that relationship and discipleship are two of the most important aspects in our Christian walk.

Do join us at our weekly Youth services, events and Cell groups to learn more about what we do!

We look forward to welcoming you to be part of our big family.

Our Beliefs

The Antioch Church Vision

It was at Antioch that believers were first called Christians (Acts 11:26). The church turned their world upside down with people from all walks of life responding to the gospel message. The church as a whole was committed to spreading the gospel. The secret behind it is the Holy Spirit. It was a church that was Holy Spirit-directed (Acts 13:2,5), Holy Spirit-led (Acts 11:23-24) and Holy Spirit-enabled (Acts 11:21).

Vision Statement

A Spirit-filled church that makes Christ known to all people.

Mission Statement

To evangelise and raise disciples across generations and people groups.

Our Core Leaders


Generations Elder

Elder Ho has a deep passion to build families, which has became the key focus in his personal life and ministry.  In his free time, Elder Ho enjoys travelling with his family and spending alone time reading inspiring and strategic books. Elder Ho, together with his wife, Ivy, are blessed with four children.


Head of Pastoral Services FGAKL

Pastor Anand has been involved with the youths since 1997, and joined FGAKL as a youth pastor in 2011. Passionate in missions and teaching, he holds a Master of Arts and Ministry from Alpha Omega International College. Pr Anand loves to bake and cook in his leisure time, and is married to Pr Rachel Koh.


Youth Pastor

Pastor Rachel joined FGA in 2008 and went to the Phillpines for 3 years in YWAM Discipleship Training School. She is passionate about discipleship, and desires to see young people rise up to their potential to be a blessing to the nations. Married to Pr Anand, she enjoys the good food cooked by him.


Head of Department

Joshua - married to Jasmine and together they have a son, Caleb Yee - has been working with the youths for more than 10 years. Passionate in inspiring and encourage youths to grab hold of their destiny in God. He is passionate in praise and worship and believes music plays a big role when it comes to evangelism. Joshua loves a good cup of coffee and wishes iPhones were cheaper.



Deputy Head of Department

Born and bred in FGA KL, Sek Teng has been working with the youths since 2005. Married to Amanda, they desire to journey with the young people - in growing in their passion for the Word of God, prayer, reaching out and discipleship. During his leisure time, he enjoys spending it with his loved ones, travelling with a book in hand and looking for good food.


Admin Officer

Annabelle started serving the youths when she was a youth herself, and never looked back since. Fulfilling her full-time calling, she now oversees the administration of YM and is responsible for the daily running of the ministry. Annabelle is passionate about community work and desires to spread God's love to all people groups

Zone Pastors

Zone Leaders


These are the teams that run the operations of YM. Serving is a great way to get more involved in building God's kingdom and the church, it also acts as an expression of our love for our Heavenly Father We have many ways you can get involved in serving on Sundays and throughout the week. Find out more by clicking on each team below, and serve in a team today!

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