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School of Equipping and Training, better known as SET, will be conducting three unique classes catered for youths. Check out the classes offered below and click the button to sign up if you're interested.

*All classes will be conducted online (unless informed otherwise).
Links to the respective classes will be sent through Whatsapp. 

Class #1: Leadership Class 2

As Christians, we are all called to be leaders in some capacity in our lives - some might be at church, at school, at the workplace, etc. To be good leaders, we will need to have the necessary skills and character. In this class, some of the topics we will be touching on include time management, communication, loving others, creating a healthy team environment, discovering God’s will for ourselves and perseverance. 

In these six weeks you will be learning about what it takes to a leader – both inwardly and outwardly and how God would want us to lead.

Class #2: Book of Ezra

The main theme of Ezra is one of restoration – how God’s people were restored from exile to the covenant land. There is also a theme of faithfulness throughout the book. The book of Ezra is closely linked to the book of Nehemiah – which we are currently journeying on in our YM Services. The time period in the book of Ezra is both an exciting and challenging time for the people. They have been exiles in a foreign land due to their own disobedience against God. What challenges will they face as they set off on this incredible journey of rediscovery? How do the trials, temptations, and successes we see in their lives teach and inform our lives today? In these 6 weeks as we study the book of Ezra, learn about how we can apply the lessons and principles from the Book both practically and personally in our daily lives and walk with God. 

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