“Now, the scar on my knee is for nothing but to glorify God!” - Alessandra

Two weeks before Unbound: Civil War, the YM dance team was having our usual dance practice for camp. While dancing, I lost my footing and dislocated my knee. It happened so quickly that I didn't have the time to actually process what was going on. The pain in my leg came five seconds after the fall and it was the worst pain I'd ever felt in my life. Because I couldn’t walk, the dance team (Rachel Moey, Sam, Dana, Trisha, Damien, Tim, Sarah, Sandra, and Magie) quickly carried me on a chair a few floors down, where they waited for the ambulance with me. It only came an hour later and it was the worst one hour ever!

At the hospital, I did an X-Ray scan. It didn't show much because my knee was too swollen. So, I had to come back in two week’s time for the CT scan, which showed I had a hairline fracture. It was very visible in the scan. I could see it. My parents could see it. Immediately, my doctors checked me into the hospital for an operation on Friday.

The normal operation fee was over RM1000-2000. When the doctors saw the fracture, they thought that I might need six screws. And those six screws cost RM1000 each. Before the operation, my parents had to put down a deposit of RM6000. If I needed screws the doctors would use them, and if I didn’t need them the deposit would be refunded.

We didn't know what else to do but pray. Our YM Family stood with us in prayer a day before my surgery during the weekly Thursday prayer meeting. By faith, they prayed for a supernatural healing to take place — that I wouldn’t have to go for surgery. But I still went for the operation the next day.

It felt like God hadn’t answered our prayers.

But when I got out of the operating room, I could hear the doctor telling my parents, “I don’t know what happened to your daughter’s knee. When we opened your daughter’s knee the bone was smooth. Smooth!”

A miracle had happened! There was no fracture!

I wish I could've seen the doctors’ faces when they found that out. Man, God is so good and powerful and so are prayers. Not only was my knee healed but the RM6000 was refunded to us. Now, the scar on my knee is for nothing but to glorify God!

Recovering was an emotional journey. Physically tiring, mentally tiring. My faith was tested a lot. But even though I felt that I lost touch with God because I didn’t have any energy to do my devotions, I knew that He was always with me. I should’ve taken six months or more to recover but I recovered in three — faster than what the doctors expected. Every week was a different week for me where my recovery level got one step higher. One week I was using two crutches because I couldn't move my leg on my own. The week after, I could move my leg by myself with two crutches. A week later, one crutch was gone and I was walking without crutches the next week.

This was definitely God. My confidence in myself to be able to walk during that time was very low, more so to recover in three months. But I did! I still am shocked about it and I think the doctors are as well.

Learning to walk again was not easy. My knee couldn’t bend because the back of my knee was hard and stiff instead of soft. My leg could only bend up to 30-35 degrees at that time and my doctors wanted me to get it to 90. I had to do exercises with my mom to help it bend more. While she did that, I wasn’t crying, I was screaming. It was very, very painful.

What really got me through the three months of recovery was the people around me. Ethan, my brother, helped me so much, from doing things like bringing me a blanket to helping me walk. When I finally went to church again after many weeks of missing it, Ethan was the one who helped me get around. My dad made a custom trolley and I could extend its length to keep my leg straight when I needed to move around the house. Not forgetting my mom, who endured my screaming when I did my leg exercises.

But it wasn’t just my family who made life better. There was once when some of my YM family, Sean, Gabe, and Tim came all the way from Gabe’s graduation in Cyberjaya to visit me and bring me ice cream. On another day, Kristen and Jon, who live in Gombak, came over. While they were both there, Annabelle and Nadia surprised me by coming over too. There were other times when my CG leaders visited me. All these people played a really big role in this part of my life. Their coming over helped me forget that my leg was not well and made me want to walk even more. Whenever they came I thought, “Okay, maybe I’ll start this walking thing.”

At the time, crutches were my best friend. But at one of our YM Thursday prayer meetings, Joanna said, "Let's try to walk without your crutches.” I was nervous and scared but after some encouragement, I did it! I walked without crutches for a few steps and those few steps were crazy! After that I slowly started letting go of my crutches till I could walk confidently on my own.

Before that happened, Adam would always tell me, “Aless, you should start walking with faith without crutches. Start walking with one crutch or something.” Adam had a lot of faith in me being able to walk without crutches when I had no confidence to do that. So when I walked without crutches at prayer meeting, Adam was so proud of me. He said, “See, you could do it! You just needed a little faith and a little push.”

I’m really grateful to everyone who had confidence in me when I was not feeling my absolute best and helped me through my recovery. All I can give them is my love, my friendship, and my thanks.

But I can’t ever thank God enough for everything He’s done for me! I'm truly grateful for Papa in heaven who took care of me during these times even though I thought I lost touch with Him. He has seen me through the whole situation, provided so much, and blessed me with a new bone.

- Alessandra