“Not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit.” - Zechariah 4:6

During my 2nd semester in May 2016, I didn’t pass one of my subjects. It was terrible because I did well for the entire paper except one section. I was shattered. I’d worked so hard, yet come up short.

A few weeks after, I recalled Pastor Anand and Joanna speaking on the verse “not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit.” And so, I decided to fully let go, to not depend on my own abilities, but to rely on God 100% and to give Him my best in everything I did. I gave Him my best attitude and enthusiasm. I spent more time with Him in devotions and in serving. I started to take more time to minister to people when they came to me for help. In the things I did, I kept reminding myself it was for God.

Despite having less time to study, the following semester in August, I achieved good grades for all my subjects and did well for the previously-failed subject!

I was truly in awe. God kept His promise. He enabled me to do well in my studies - a field I’m not naturally good at. This reminds me to never take Him lightly.

For with God, nothing is impossible.