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You were created for community.

At YM, we believe that the Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. We are created in the image of a relational God, and therefore we are created to enjoy relationship with others. We believe that cell groups, or CGs,  are a great way to grow in relationship with others who are also pursuing spiritual growth.

Why join a Cell Group?

Passionate about doing life together, cell groups are smaller, tightly knit communities set in a larger church context. In our cell groups, or CGs, we believe in creating a safe space and an environment where we love and support one another. To be connected to a cell group is to do life together, be it praying and worshipping, having meals or simply just hanging out. This is where we build meaningful friendships that extend beyond our weekly services.

There is a CG for everyone.


Admist all the variety in the life of a high schooler, it's important to have a strong and supportive community. The High School CGs meet on Saturday afternoons for a fun time of fellowship, consider yourself invited!


The life of a college/uni student can be tough, but it can be a more enjoyable experience with a community. The Campus CGs meet on Friday nights for a time of fellowship and food, consider yourself invited!

Join a CG today.

Click the link below, enter your details and we will contact you to arrange for you to be part of a CG!

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