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Pastor Daniel Chong


16 JULY 2017

Jesus wept. - John 11:35 (NIV)

The shortest verse in the Bible signifies the heart of Jesus on the love he has for Lazurus, who died because of his illness. Lazurus signifies our generation of young people. Jesus was weeping for a generation that is in sickness. He is weeping for the young people out of genuine and unrelentless love for us.

In a timely message, Pr Daniel reminded us that as a YM family, we are called do the same.

In order for us to see more new friends being part of our YM family, we ourselves as YM members first need to feel loved. To love one another, leaders should emulate the Father's heart in loving their members, eliminating any gaps between leaders and members, for we are called to genuinely love one another like how our heavenly Father loves us.

All visions and calling have to fall back on Christ and Christ alone. We are to be grounded in Christ and be a generation of young people that build the foundation of love by catching the heart of the Father.

How? By putting aside everything and return to the foundation of love.



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