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Pastor Melvin


20 MAR 2016

We have a young sister, and her breasts are still small. What will we do for her when a young man comes courting? If she is a wall, we will build her a silver tower. But if she is a gate, we will protect her with panels of cedar. - Song of Songs 8:8-9 (GNT)

The 'little sister' here signifies a young church, a church who is at her early stages of growth and that God is the husband of the church. Although the church is still young, but through this passage, it signifies that people will still come to the church to seek guidance and advice.

Ps Melvin preached that a church that yearns for revival must focus on youth.

  • God will use youths to accomplish His will.

  • We have to know God's plan for us and the ministry otherwise we would miss out on revival.

  • Revival requires sacrifice.

What matters most is that if we really love God, our actions have to reflect this. How? To love His sheep. His sheep is basically everyone around us. Our friends, our relatives, our community. This is because God doesn't want workers, He wants lovers. (Haggai 1:3-5)


"When we love God, we don't love Him through our own ways, instead, we should love God by how He wants us to love Him." - Ps Melvin

Listen to the audio sermon HERE.



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