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Elder Dorai Manikam


18 JUL 2021

Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12


 •  Live our days in wisdom

 •  Make our days count for God. That is wisdom 

 •  Moses wrote this psalm at a time where the Israelites were dying in the wilderness because of their sins and he not knowing what to do

     o  When we do not know what to do, look to God and cry out to Him

     o  Verses 1-11 talks about how our days are numbered

     o  Verses 12-17 talks about the intercession that our days would count

     o  Our days are short but may they count for God

1.  Life

       •  We are a sinful creature before God

       •  We are frail human beings who cannot escape death

       •  If we look at life in the perspective of God and eternity, our lives are fleeting

2.  Wisdom

      •  Let me not just count my days but let my days count

          o  Count for what? ETERNITY

          o  Count for who? GOD

          o  It can only be achieved in and through God

      •  Wisdom is the mastery of the art of living in accordance with God’s will

          o  It is those who fear God and live according to what God expects of them and what is expected of them through the Word of God.

          o  They are wise in that manner because they see the love and blessing of God resting upon them

          o  This is revealed through the Word of God

       •  How does God answer this prayer for wisdom since we are sinful creatures?

          o  Through Jesus Christ

          o  Put our trust in Jesus for our eternal life

          o  God who says live in wisdom also shows us the way to live in wisdom through Jesus

3.  Christ

       •  Christ has become wisdom for us. So to live in wisdom is to live in Christ

       •  Through Jesus Christ:

          o  Wrath is removed and mercy covers us. When we accept Jesus in our hearts and put our trust in Him, God removes the wrath upon us and we come under His mercy

          o  Our sins are forgiven

          o  We die to sin and live for righteousness

       •  Only in Christ: 

          o  We become satisfied in the love of God

          o  We can have the joy of salvation

          o  We find meaning in life and therefore become his servants

       •  What you do for God lasts.

       •  Christ gives meaning and purpose to our lives, brings consecration to our frail life and conquers death with eternity

       •  God becomes our help, comforter and sustainer


Let out days count for Christ. Gain wisdom through the person of Christ. How do we do that?

  1. Stop sinning and start living for God.

  2. Repent of our sins and receive God’s forgiveness.

  3. Return to God.

  4. Read the Word of God to know His will.

  5. Pray and obey the Word that we are reading.

  6. Serve God.

  7. Run the race, keep the faith and sprint to the finish line into the arms of Christ.



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