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Pr Anand Kumar, Ho Jiah Jian, Timothy Raj


01 AUG 2021

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

Deuteronomy 6:5

Family Discipleship: A Personal Reflection

a sharing by Ho Jiah Jian

Discipleship is a lifelong journey of discovering, learning and applying the gospel in all aspects of life. A journey of discovering new truths. Growing up in a Christian home, discipleship for him happened in two ways:

  1. Watching the example of his parents who live out their calling and purpose in life. They instilled the value of prioritizing God first in everything where he learnt how to pursue God for himself. Watching his parents serve God in church faithfully inspired him to begin his journey to follow Jesus. His family, having the culture of being open to share, also became a place of witnessing and counsel in life. He always watched how his parents opened up their home to others as space to encourage, pray for and disciple people.

  2. He also learnt to build relationship and trust with family at home which led him to be the person he is today. Family was the place where he learnt the importance of having a habit of doing devotions daily, sharing life’s ups and downs and praying with and for one another. This build relationship and trust in each other within his family. Through this, he was intentionally discipled. Discipleship in Jiah Jian’s family has helped him cultivate a habit of reading the bible and openness in sharing and praying for one another. 

Discipleship starts from friendship and requires us to move out of our comfort zones. Discipleship starts when you are ready to be challenged and confronted out of love. Discipleship is a learning new truths

a sharing by Timothy Raj

Discipleship is ultimately about pointing people to Jesus Christ. 

  1. He learnt how important personal relationship with Christ is. He learnt not to lean on the faith of his parents but build his own relationship with Christ for himself. We need to make our own decision to seek God. We seek God by intentionally spending time with Him. With that, our faith will be built on solid ground and we will not fall easily. Timothy modeled this from his father who would spend every morning reading the word of God and his mom who would always be praying for people. He learned the importance and discipline of spending time with God daily from them. 

  2. His parents have also always supported him and his brother in serving in YM as it is important to serve God in his church with the gifts and talents God has given them. 

  3. He also learnt to always pray before making decisions and when facing problems. 

  4. God speaks to us. We don’t need to have big testimonies to share. God actually uses small things in our lives to make big impact. The small moments are proof of God’s grace and mercy in our lives. We need to expect God to speak to us because we are His children. All we need to do is listen.

  5. Have faith in God in all situations. Trust in God no matter what the outcome may be. Faith of family and community is also what keeps us strong.

Community does not exist to only build one another up but also to strengthen and encourage those around us. Timothy saw this modeled by his parents who regularly followed up with people around them. Wherever we are right now is the community that God has placed us in to do life together.

Deuteronomy 6:5

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

This passage was written at the time when the Israelites were out of Egypt and they have seen and known God as they journeyed towards the Promise Land. He calls them to love God with everything they have and to teach this to their children. When Jesus came to the earth he amplified this. When we make disciples it is centred around loving God and loving people.

1.   Christian Families

  • Don’t take growing up in a Christian family for granted

  • Those of us who grew up in a Christian home have the privilege of knowing God when we are young.

  • We have the example of our parents who walk in the Lord.CG Families

2.   CG Families

  • If we didn’t grow up in Christian families, the call to love God and love people still does not change.

  • Discipleship can still happen in CG. CG is a place where we learn to love God and love people together

3.   There is No Perfect CG or Family

  • Don’t focus on the shortcomings of your CG or family

  • Instead strive to bring the fire of discipleship to the CG or family that you are in.


Allow the Holy Spirit to convince and convict you to carry this fire of discipleship in your homes and CGs today. The call today is to love God with all our heart. We can love God by not looking down on our CG/family but learn to love them with all their shortcomings. Instead of focusing on what is not perfect, focus on bringing the fire of discipleship in the CG and home that you are in. If you are not part of a community today, join a CG and experience God together.



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