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Call of God


Sheila Carter


03 APR 2022

Myth 1: Prayer is All About Me Doing the Fighting

  • When we pray we are inviting God to roar over our situation and when God roars, the enemy will shatter. (Psalm 29:1). The voice of the Lord is powerful and majestic.

  • When we pray, it is not about us doing the fighting alone, it is God doing the fighting for us.

Myth 2: God will only Answer Prayers When You are Good

  • God is love. Love doesn’t depend on how well you do or how wrong you are.

  • Jesus death on the cross meant that we have direct connection to God

  • Prayer is about asking God for help in times of need and when we are not in the right place.

Myth 3: If You Don’t See Your Prayer Answered Now, It’s a Waste of Time

  • Sometimes when we don’t see results in our prayer, it is not that nothing is happening; but perhaps, God is moving behind the scenes and softening hearts of people.

  • Even when we don’t see anything happening, God is doing something in the background. 

  • We just have to be patient and hopeful for God to answer our prayers.

Myth 4: Prayer is Boring

  • Prayer is only boring when we treat it as a place to ask for personal gains.

  • When we pray, we need to relate with God.

  • Learn to listen to the voice of God. Pay attention, take note and take action to what God is speaking to you

  • We need to ask the Holy Spirit to give us creativity in our prayer. Perhaps our prayer is boring because we are not moving with the Holy Spirit and not using the language that He has called us to pray in.


  • When the revelation of God comes to us, it sets us free.

  • If you want to see the fresh wind of God blow, have a conversation with God.

Prophetic Declaration:

     Despite of the struggles and difficulty of the Covid situation, it will all pass and fail in comparison to what God is going to do in the years to come. We will look back at this time, not on how bad our situation is but marvel at how God moved despite our situation.

     Some people have a spiritual oppression where they can’t hear from God. The word for them today is God will breakthrough for you today. The heaviness is broken and the fresh wind is blowing. You will begin to hear the voice of God so clearly, you will step into the supernatural.

God is removing the filthy garments on us and replacing them with robe of righteousness covered in the blood of Jesus.

     There is no restricted place in our relationship with God. The Lord’s affirmation is on us. His Spirit is on each of our lives. He is never going to leave us. From now on our relationship with God is going to enter a new level. We are going to step into a new place in the spirit where there is no hindrance.



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