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Pastor Anand


25 NOV 2018

 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful... Colossians 4:2-6(NIV)

The lifestyle of living in faith is hard and almost impossible. How do we live up to what we are called to do?


Prayer is not to be done only when in trouble. Devote prayer in every circumstance. There will be days where you will face challenges. Be watchful for the things that rob you of your destiny. A person who has recovered can get sick again. Being thankful to God is a continuous claim of God's power. Without it, we will fall back into temptation.

To avoid making the wrong decisions for our calling, we must pray, we must be watchful, we must be thankful. Pride can prevent us from entering the door God has set for us. Faith can help us to enter a challenging door. Watchfulness can prevent us from entering the wrong door.

To be aligned to your calling is to be watchful through your prayer. When we are not aligned with God, we become uncomfortable and numb to sin.

Whatever you say will impact people, whether you want to or not. So be careful in what you say and aim to impact someone's life when you talk to them. Yet this applies for what your friends say to you. For if you surround yourself with people who are focused on themselves, you may lose your calling from God. So we need to have a gospel centered friendship, where we can surround ourselves with friends that encourages you in the gospel.



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