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Celine Khoo


10 JUNE 2018

..." The Story of Joseph - Genesis 37 & The Story of Daniel - Daniel ” "... -

Being a person of influence

What is a person of influence

  • Doesn't need to be famous

  • A person who can dominate the environment

  • A force that draws people to your life

  • A person who will respect and believe

  • No age required to be a person of influence

The Life of Joseph - Genesis 37

  • He become the right hand man of Potiphar

  • He wasn't influenced to take Potiphar’s wife

  • He had the gift to interpret dreams

  • From a nobody he became a person of influence

God didn't allow Joseph to be released from jail early because if he was released he wouldn’t be welcomed. Sometimes we ask God why is it take so long for us to find breakthrough?

Delay is no denial

Jesus didn't promote the church, He promotes the Kingdom of heaven ( Luke 4:16-23)

Jesus the Person of influence

  • Jesus is still an influence even after he resurrected and went to Heaven=

  • =Jesus walks his talk and left a mark

  • He lead by example

  • His influence was so great

>Are we being a person of influence?

  • >If we are frightened by the world then the world will not be influenced by us. We will be influenced by the world

  • Your relationship with God is a big influence to others>

  • Don’t get distracted and lose our influence as a Child of God

  • Like Joseph, he never complained no matter what the situation or circumstance.Don’t hold on to the past because it is just a phase in life. For an example, if we failed to be an influence in a specific phase that doesn't mean it is forever a lost cause.

    There are seasons in time. Different seasons will have different experiences, if we are an influence in this phase we will be a stronger influence in the next phase.

    Where can you be an influence? - 7 Mountains of Influence

    • Church

    • Family

    • Education

    • Government

    • Media

    • Arts & Entertainment

    • Business

    There are many areas we can be a person of influence as stated above. Each of these mountains has a head and our job is to rise up where people can recognise us and there's where we will be promoted and can be a person of influence.Gates Keepers are people who influence the nation with the decision they make. We have to be an example in the field we are in. We must work hard and be responsible and lead by example.

    How to be a person of influence?

    • Have a purpose in life (we are where we are today because God placed us there to achieve the destiny he has for us.)

    • You must trust in the Lord. Don't make decisions without asking God.

    • You won’t know you would enjoy your purpose and destiny until we have tried it.

    Nobody is interested in your believe system until you produce results that nobody can make.



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