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Pr. Rachel Koh


08 MAY 2022

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

Hebrews 11: 1-3,6

What is Faith?

  • Faith is grounded in who God is. The faith heroes of the bible held on to their faith because they know God’s promises will always come to pass.

  • Blessed are those who do not see and yet still believe

  • Faith also enables us to look forward to an eternal perspective

  • Faith: An assurance of things hope for and conviction of things unseen.

What is Faithfulness?

  • Comes from a place of trust and loyalty. 

  • A place where we realize we need God. Apart from God, we can never understand faithfulness.

  • Faith leads to faithfulness. Faithfulness means living out the faith.

What is a Faithful Faith?

  • Actively live out in obedience to God through His Word

Faith Stories of the 7 Wells in YM

Throughout the 7 years of YM, God has blessed us with 7 wells not for us to keep but for us to keep using it to be a blessing

Jemimah: YM is Home

YM is a place where there is a community that can help her grow. The best part of it all is that God is the centre of this community. She hopes YM will be a place that young people can come and discover who they are in Christ.

Jenisha: YM Prayer Revival

The prayer revival helped her to grow in her prayer. She saw how corporate prayer in YM changed and grew and that helped her in her own prayer time. Just praying in tongues brought so much peace and hunger. She doesn’t want to see anyone miss out on this prayer revival and take the initiative to step out in prayer. Keep persisting and pushing in prayer and God’s presence will fall on you.

Alyssa: YM Outreach

Her passion for outreach grew out of watching her family help people and understanding that she is blessed to be a blessing. Through Muhibbah Tuition, she has seen non-Christian parents asking for her to pray for them and seen their children improve in school. She hopes to see more people passionate to teach at Muhibbah Tuition.

Ivan: Supernatural Encounter

One of his encounter was when God completely healed a fractured bone of one of our leaders who injured herself. We came together to pray and saw how God gave her a new bone. Personally, he also experience supernatural strength when he struggled to juggle between the business of serving in church and meeting assignment datelines in university. From this he learnt that faith as small as mustard seeds can move mountains and the supernatural doesn’t happen by our own strength but by His power. He believes that there will be more supernatural encounters as we partner with God.

Gabe: Apostolic CG

The apostolic movement came out of the FGA Conference. YM’s response was to build CGs outside of YM but when Covid-19 hit, we realize that we could reach out to people on the online community as well. This is the well that God has called us to dig where there is an online church we are called to build outside of this building.

Japheth: YM Evangelism

In all the evangelistic events that happened in YM it was never about how good the team was at organizing but it was just a group of people responding to the call to evangelize. In evangelism, God will always bring people to partner with you. We just need to step out in obedience to the call of God. Moving forward, he believes that YM is going to impact more people and more will come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Basil: YM Called to Asia

The thing that stood out in his mission trip to Philippines was God used the YM team to speak to another nation. It is sometimes difficult to imagine how we can fulfill the Great Commission in the world but that is what we do in mission trips. During the pandemic, because of his work, he has met many people from different nations just by sitting in his bedroom working. That gave him an opportunity speak about God to people from different nations. YM is called to be a light to Asia and that includes you as well. God wants to increase your circle of influence to the nations. The deeper we plant ourselves the wider our branches will grow. The deeper we are rooted in God, the bigger our circle of influence become.


  • God wants His children to find back their purpose and step out in faith with Him.

  • God wants us to be faithful in the calling He has for us. When we step out in faith, God will expand and multiply it.



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